14 - 16 November 2014

Adelaide South Australia




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The Torrens Rowing Club

Address: Victoria Drive, Adelaide, Just to the East side of the bridge.
Floor: Wood
Drinks: Fully licensed. Strictly no BYO.

Quicksteps Dance Studio

Address: 261 Pulteney Street, Adelaide
Floor: Wood
Drinks: BYO

The Office on Pirie

Address: 110 Pirie St, Adelaide.
Floor: Wood
Drinks: Fully Licensed. Strictly no BYO.

Elder Park Rotunda

Address: Elder Park, Adelaide, just off King William St.


Friday Early

Time: 8pm-12am
Venue: The Torrens Rowing Club

Friday Late

Time: 12am-late
Venue: Quicksteps Dance Studio

Saturday Lucky Skillen Workshop

Time: 10:40am-5pm
Venue: TBA

Saturday Early

Time: 8pm-12am
Venue: TBA

Saturday Late

Time: 12am-late
Venue: Quicksteps Dance Studio

Sunday Picnic

Time: 1pm-4pm
Venue: Elder Park Rotunda


Time: 6pm-late
Venue: The Office on Pirie




© Peter Anderson

Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyres

This Adelaide based  guitar/drums duo have become revered names on the Australian blues scene since the release of their second album “Double Voodoo Blues”.

Rhythms magazine described it as “a world class blues record.. that takes off and leaves everything else for dead” and Double Voodoo Blues shot to No.1 on the Australian Blues Radio Chart and was shortlisted for the ARIA awards.

It’s in the live performance where it really counts though of course, and Sweet Baby James & Rob Eyers get more dirgy, swampy and locked up into their own brand of blues with every gig. Think RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough… but with James & Rob’s own personal gritty & soulful feel.

The duo are also favourites now as backing band for interstate touring acts, such as Chris Wilson & Fiona Boyes.  Make no mistake, these guys are the real deal; your body and the infectious groove can’t lie!!


Vintage and Contemporary Blues

This year, on Saturday the 15th of November we will have a Vintage and Contemporary Blues Workshop run by the vivacious Lucky Skillen! Lucky has come all the way from the States to teach us a mix of vintage and contemporary blues styles, so consider yourselves all “lucky”! This workshop will be an optional add on to the full weekend pass and will run from roughly 11am to 5pm on the Saturday – no set partners required!


Lucky Skillen

Lucky Skillen has been dancing for over 18 years. He began in 1996 and started his teaching career in 1998. Since then he has taught and performed many styles of dance in Asia, Europe, and North America, including being a part of Frankie Manning’s last performance troop in NYC. For the past 13 years his main focus has been on Blues Dance. He ran America’s first weekly blues venues “Lucky’s Lindy and Blues” and has been on the cutting edge of the contemporary blues movement since. Lucky was one of the first to bring the blues dance movement to Europe and has helped to develop many of the scenes and teachers across the world. Currently many of his students are competing and winning the world’s top blues competitions. His philosophy on dance is to know where it came from but make it your own. He creates a fun and playful atmosphere in his classes and believes that play is learning and learning is fun!

kyra's photo


Kyra has not been dancing since she was five years old… unless you include little jigs for joy in the privacy of her parent’s kitchen. In 2006 she was unwillingly dragged along to a couple of 1940s Charleston classes by a friend before they headed overseas for a study tour. Like a shot to the heart she fell in love with all things swing, developing a particular soft spot for the various forms of Blues Dancing and Blues music. Kyra began teaching in 2011 and has taught in various places around Adelaide and Australia. Her love of Blues culminated in her taking over management of the local Adelaide Blues dance school, The Blues Underground, at the start of 2014, and even more recently dabbling as a Blues music DJ. She loves teaching Blues just about as much as she loves dancing  it, although dancing jigs for joy in the kitchen will probably always be her true dance talent and passion.


Image used with permission.
©2014 Sasha Pazeski www.sashapazeski.com


Vintage Blues

This class goes over two styles of vintage blues

Juke Joint Style Blues

Juke joint style blues is a style of blues based off of the slow dances being done in Juke joints around America at the turn of the last century. This class will give you a firm grip on the basics of blues dancing and will go over weight shifts, pulse, fishtails and counter balance.

Ballrooming 1

This is the modern interpretation for the slow dancing done at the Savoy ballroom in the 40′s and 50′s traditionally it was danced with many turns lifts and dips. Today it has been developed into very dynamic dance adding a new flavour of movement to the floor craft.

Tangoed Up In Blues 1

This dance mixes the upright formality of tango with down home feeling of blues. In this class you will learn some of the fundamentals of tango as well as transitions between the two dances. It will give your blues a smooth intimate look that only tango can provide.

Tangoed Up In Blues 2

This class will build off of the first tangoed up in Blues class and will use blues skip ups as the primary transition.

guitar logo only crop

Micro Blues

This is a modern style of blues that uses small movements to communicate to your partner. It is also great for finding quiet moments in your dancing.


Class Schedule

Classes run on Saturday only at the following times:

10:40-11:00 Registration

11:00-12:00 Vintage Blues

12:00-12:10 Break

12:10-13:10 Tangoed up in Blues I

13:10-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-15:40 Tangoed up in Blues II

15:40-16:00 Break

16:00-17:00 Micro Blues

Hosting and Volunteering


Hosting is a great way to to meet new people and keep down the costs for those visiting from interstate and overseas.

As a host you will provide your guest (or guests) with a place to sleep and a light breakfast. A host is only expected to accommodate their guest for the duration of the exchange. It is also generally expected that a host will lend a helping hand with transportation to and from events.

Hosting someone is a fun and rewarding experience, and you never know, maybe your guest will return the favour when you go to an exchange in their city! You will be asked to provide your hosting preferences during registration.

Contact hosting@southern-blues.com.au if you have any questions.


On a tight budget? Wanna make some money while having fun or Just want to help out and be part of the awesomeness?

Well maybe volunteering is for you! We need super enthusiastic people like you to help out on the door and with set up and pack up.

Volunteer for 3-4 hours for a $40 rebate* or 1-2 hours to bask in the glow of our appreciation! Please specify your volunteering preferences during registration.

*Please note volunteer rebates are limited. Contact volunteers@southern-blues.com.au for any further information.


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